Organic Hair Care & Hair Color Products

Tocco Magico (Magic Touch)

Allure Hair Salon takes great pride in working with the #1 color company in Italy! With a coconut cream base, 7 all natural herbs, and the lowest ammonia content in permanent hair color. Tocco Magico has long lasting, bright and vibrant colors that leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable. Amulio Sarra, a famous Italian hairstylist of the 1930ís and 1940ís, founded Tocco Magico S.p.A. For over 60 years, the company has been owned and managed by the Sarra family. With great dedication, they have provided innovative products to hairdressers worldwide, investing in high quality raw materials, modern production and stringent quality control methods to create organic haircare products that the world loves. Their passion for excellence was recently recognized by the ISO certification 9002 - international manufacturing standard certifying the most stringent quality control procedures to offer natural hair products.

Color Ton Hair Color (Permanent Color)

natural & organic hair care products

Color-ton is formulated in a rich cream with the highest quality ingredients, seven natural herbal extracts and a low ammonia content. The organic hair products are guaranteed to offer long lasting color and shine, as well as 100% gray coverage.

Rhol Color Demi-permanent hair color (No Ammonia & Low Peroxide)

organic & natural hair color products

It is a "tone on tone" mixture that contains no additional lifting. It is ideal for minimal gray hair coverage and for blending in higher percentages.

This organic hair color does not contain ammonia or nonoxynol. Rhol Color fades gradually, returning to original color in 4-5 weeks. Rhol Color clear seals in the color against fading. It can also be used alone as a shine treatment for maximum conditioning benefits. Ideal for opaque and weak hair.

Decolor Cream for Lightening in Highlights or Boosting Color

Decolor Cream gently lifts natural or artificial color from 1 to 5 levels and is ideal for fine, damaged or over-processed hair. It can also be used to correct an over-deposit of hair color. It is ammonia-free and rich in fatty acids and vegetable based ingredients that protect and moisturize. This natural hair product formula protects and strengthens, leaving hair soft, manageable and shiny.


This organic haircare product Is rich in natural emollients and fatty acids to protect against any aggressive action leaving the hair soft, shiny and manageable. These unique ingredients penetrate the hair shaft, balancing and maintaining the hair's natural physiological moisture content.