Kérastase Hair Products Mission Statement

Kerastase aims to please with advanced, high-performance formulas. Hair care products are based on four entwined values:

  • Performance
  • Expertise
  • Personalization
  • Beauty

Salon Treatments

A nourishing treatment for dry hair, it is sprayed onto the hair and massaged gently into the hair.
This treatment revitalizes and revives dull hair, so it is alive with shine.
This deep reaching treatment for extra dry hair uses oils and water to build up your hair's smoothness.
It leaves hair soft, shiny and light for comfort.
A conditioning masque, it is applied to dry hair section by section, then left in the hair for five minutes and rinsed out.
Nutride-fense protects hair from drying elements and leaves hair manageable.
A deep conditioning masque for really dry hair, it is left in for five minutes and then washed out.
Masquintense leaves hair intensely soft, smooth, and shiny, to impress your friends.
Masque Oleo-Relax
For rebellious and naughty hair, this deep conditioning masque is left on for ten minutes, while under heat, before being washed out.
This Kerastase hair product revitalizes hair until it is insanely supple, smooth, and vibrant.
Cure D'Elasticite
This product provides relief for dry to extremely dry curly hair. A crème and powder are combined until it reaches a mousse consistency. It is brushed through the hair and then washed out after ten minutes.
Long-lasting curls are bouncy and frizz-protected after this glorious treatment.
Chroma Perfect
Chroma Perfect is designed for color-treated hair. This post-coloring treatment is massaged into the hair and left in for ten minutes before being rinsed out.
Hair becomes radiant, and the color is protected from root to tip. Your hair is healthy and lovable.
Chroma Reflect Masque
Chroma Reflect Masque is also for color-treated hair. A masque is applied to towel-dried hair and left on for five to ten minutes.
It creates a smooth surface and give color radiance that makes the boys stare.
Concentre Vita-Ciment
Weak and damaged hair is covered with fortifying ingredients and massaged deep into the hair section by section.
Hair is strengthened and easy to detangle, so you don't get your comb caught in the snarls.
Injection De Force
For extremely weak hair, this treatment reinforces hair with a leave-in treatment. It is applied directly to the most vulnerable areas of the hair.
Hair is reinforced and strengthened to perfection.
Care Volumactive
This Kerastase hair product is applied directly onto the clean, towel-dried hair. The treatment is left on the hair for ten minutes and then washed out. It is perfect for fine hair.
The hair is given volume and becomes soft and luxurious.

At Home Treatments

  • Nuritive is a wide range of Gluco-Active treatments for normal to dry hair.
  • Reflection is a treatment that brings out the light in your color-treated hair for radiance and beauty.
  • Resistance is a Kerastase hair product that is meant to give worn-out hair strength, bounce and beauty.
  • Dermo-calm is formulated for sensitive scalps. It relaxes and conditions at the same time.
  • Soleil is a personalized treatment that protects hair from the sun and keeps hair brilliant.