Dear valued Allure clients...

We love having you and are honored that you select us time and time again to be your preferred Hair Salon. Your continued support has helped us grow into a better company. As a way of saying Thank You for being an Allure Client, we are offering a special promotion for you.

Cylinder System Extension

Our cylinder system features our unique Duratip. This strand by strand system is applied without the use of glue, heat or chemicals. Instead, small copper cylinders are used to gently bond the human hair extensions to the client`s hair. This system is known to last 3-6 months and does require ongoing maintenance to make sure extensions are tight and strong.

Regular price is $14 a strand and the special price is $8 a strand. Full head is about 100 strands. ( Only for this type of extensions )

"Kerastase is by far the best conditioner I have ever used. My hair looks, feels and smells amazing and the shine is outragous... Fantantastic product worth every penny..." - Happy Allure Client

"This is the best Hair Dryer period, leaves hair with great texture and shine!" - Shine Seeker

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Featherlocks Feather Hair Extensions

Featherlocks feather hair extensions were developed in the creative mind of a hair stylist through her unique expression of style and love for the art of hair. The method of attaching feathers to hair was the most important part of the concept, as many extensions actually damage the integrity of your hair.

Method of attaching:

Individual feathers with a silicone-lined microbead, which ensures no damage to the hair. It is not only easy on your hair but are both simple to install and remove.

The beautiful, fast and fabulous way to add oomph and style to your hair. Featherlocks feather hair extensions are actual feathers available in an array of colors that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair to add subtle or dramatic highlights without damage or altering color.

A new and simple chemical-free technique utilizes silicone bead technology which allows a licensed stylist to safely apply as many or as few Featherlocks to create a subtle or dramatic effect. And because they come in an array of colors, there is no limit to the imagination or desired effect.

Promotion Price: $140 for 10 feathers
List Price: $15 for one piece