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Allure Hair Dryer

Professional Hair Dryer Turbo 4300
Tourmaline / Ceramic / Ionic
Faster Drying
Shine and Healthy Hair

Price: $100.00 - Shipping included nation wide ( USA )
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Using the Allure Turbo 4300 along with the proper Kerastase products will protect your hair from heat damage and leave your hair Silky Smooth and free of that annoying Frizz that your conventional dryers leave.

How you may ask, by using the newest Tourmaline Crystal Technology. These crystals are precious gemstones that are crushed so that they emit the maximum amount of Negative Ions to ensure the best hair drying results. These ions shrink the water molecules therefore reducing the time your hair is subjected to heat. Also these micro-drops are absorbed into the hair locking in the moisture, keeping it hydrated. Finally the Negative Ions cancel out the harmful Positive Static Charges that cause that annoying Frizz leaving your hair Healthy, Silky and Shiny.

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