The Best Hair Extensions in Town11 November 2013, 18:53 PM


Hair Salon Allure is a very professional, prominent salon in the South Florida area. We specialize in Hair Extensions in Hollywood, FL. We are the leading source for hair extensions in the area. Our team of creative stylists is renowned as experts of the Featherlocks Extension, Seamless Tape Systems, Keratin Fusion Systems and the Cylinder Systems.

Our team of experienced stylists has expertise knowledge in the world’s top hair trends. They consistently deliver great results for a variety of different hair types and styles. We focus on the needs of our customers. Each of our stylists is professionally trained and certified in performing hair extensions. Our salon offers the newest innovations in hair extensions in the Hollywood FL area. Our services insure that you only get the very best treatments, ending in the ultimate result. We only work with the top name manufacturers so that we can provide you with the highest quality product hair extensions.

Hair extensions are used to add length to one’s hair. The extensions are added to one’s own hair, drastically changing the style without giving the look of being fake or not real. The hair extensions are intended to blend in with one’s natural hair without being noticeable to the untrained eye. Our professionally trained specialists will easily be able to do this for you. We are proud of our abilities to perform quality work.

One type of our extensions that we offer is our Seamless Tape System. Our seamless tape systems are pre-taped and are completely 100% virgin human hair. This type of system does not require any weaving, bonding, braiding or adhesives. This makes the extensions easy to remove. These work very well for people with thinning hair or those that want to add volume and highlights to their hair without using chemicals. This system if a completely natural enhancement and will not harm your hair.

The Keratin Fusion Systems are applied strand by strand using heat or chemicals. This system adds luster, texture and volume to your hair without having to spend a fortune on treatments and chemicals. We will only use quality 100% keratin protein to blend with the natural keratin in the human hair.

Cylinder Systems is applied to the hair without the use of heat, glue or chemicals. These extensions attach to the natural hair with small copper cylinders that bond to the hair shaft. These can last up to six months with proper care and maintenance. We will only use 100% virgin hair for this system.

Here at Hair Salon Allure, we have an experienced certified team of stylists to help you with your decisions and choices regarding your hair extensions. We are proud of our experienced staff and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Many of our customers are referrals from our existing customers. Combinations of the fact that we care about the way you like your hair and our expertise of keeping you in style and meeting your likes, creates a wonderful repoire that is sure to end in a great look. Call us or go to our website at and make an appointment to see if you are a candidate for our hair extensions in Hollywood, FL.