Straightening Your Hair11 November 2013, 18:50 PM


Our hair boutique, Allure Hair Salon, services the Southern Florida area. We offer many services including Japanese hair straightening in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We also offer hair design, styling, hair extensions and makeup. We have a professional and highly accommodating staff that are committed to helping you look stunning, whatever the occasion. We are experts in men’s fashion hair styles as well as women’s. We have some of the best stylists on staff in the Southern Florida area. We will give you our full attention and listen to your expectations. We will also offer our expert advice on what we feel is best for your hair.

Our Japanese hair straightening in Fort Lauderdale, FL takes the negative ions and breaks the water molecule clusters into fine particles. This allows the formula to penetrate the hair shaft and effectively straightens the hair without breaking the hair’s internal structure. This leaves your hair soft, smooth, shiny and silky straight.

We use the Bio Ionic Professional Hair Care System. This system is a revolutionary hair care system that captures the energy of natural ions to rebuild, repair and retexture the hair. Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing is a permanent straightener formulated with Natural Ion Complex. This system effectively straightens all types of hair without the damage of conventional straighteners. This breakthrough formula revitalizes and restores the hair to a healthier condition, leaving the hair smooth and silky with incredible shine.

The benefits of using this system is that it is a non-damaging formula, minimal odor, brightens color and sheen, and revives damaged hair., It creates no burning or itching on the scalp and is safe for most chemically treated hair. It features no guanidine hydroxide, no sodium hydroxide; it is an easy application for all types of hair and is a natural Ion complex.

Come in or call us today and make an appointment and one of our specialists will have a consultation with you, to see what results you are looking to accomplish. We will analyze how our straightening treatment will work on your hair. We will answer any questions you might have and share our expert advice and opinions with you.

Our professional stylist will give you expert advice on your new straightened hair. It will be an adjustment and will need to be styled differently than it did before. We will be glad to help you decide if you need a different cut to meet the desired style.

We also offer hair coloring and highlights. We will help you to choose the right vibrant colors that will highlight your hair. We will bring you into a whole new world of textures and shine that has been formulated by our color specialists, to create a look that is uniquely, flattering and in harmony with your hairstyle and your lifestyle. If you need something simple or more elegant, our specialists can handle either. We also use organic hair color with up to 99% nature derived ingredients. With these, you can bask in amazing results because these contain no ammonia to damage your hair.

Contact us today, and set an appointment for one of our specialists to assist you with your Japanese hair straightening in Fort Lauderdale, FL.