Ammonia Free Highlights

When most clients approach a hair salon their main concern is the final look they are striving for. This is of course a common direction taken by the average consumer although it should be slightly altered. The look and physical appearance is an important aspect although the first priority should be the well being of one's hair.

The beauty of your hair goes hand in hand with the life span of your hair. Using Ammonia Free Highlighting will increase the quality of your hair on a long term basis and keep your hair beauty for years to come. Highlights can be as bold or as subtle as you choose, adding texture, depth and interest. They are also more affordable than one might think. You can choose the amount of highlights to fit your budget - from a simple crown to a full head of highlights. Also, maintenance requires fewer visits to the salon than single process color. Most require just two to three touch-up visits to the salon per year.

Highlights at Allure Hair Salon are designed with a gentle, ammonia-free formula that leaves hair strong and lustrous. Highlighting technique is favored by clients with chemical sensitivies because the color application avoids contact with the scalp. Whatever products you use, Allure recommends that you wash your hair with shampoo as infrequently as possible – our suggestion is once a week - and brush your hair every day. Both of these practices promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair by distributing our bodies’ own oils throughout the hair. This also saves you money and extends the value of your products.